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Investment Solutions



Dorsey & Company is dedicated to offering its clients the best investment services and advice. We provide solutions specifically designed to help you manage your long-term wealth, as well as customized services for individuals, families and businesses. These include:

Portfolio Management

Strategic asset allocation and risk management techniques designed to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Fee-Based Investment Options

We offer a number of fee-based investment options, such as constructing portfolios containing individual equities, bonds and mutual funds.

Retirement Planning

Custom-tailored planning services designed to create a financial roadmap to help you satisfy your needs and achieve your investment goals.

Retirement Plans

We offer virtually every type of retirement plan, including 401(k) services, traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, pension and profit sharing plans.

Fixed Income Investments

We give you access to tax-exempt Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Bank CDs, U.S. Government Bonds, Government Agencies and Unit Investment Trusts.

Estate Planning

Our team helps develop strategies to maximize wealth transfers to heirs and coordinates our recommendations with your other professional advisors – such as your attorney, account and insurance professional – before implementing them.

Education Funding

We provide analysis to enable you to determine approximate costs as well as develop appropriate funding strategies. Education IRAs, 529 Plans, and Custodial accounts are available.

Insurance Services

Our extensive insurance portfolio gives you a full suite of product options and solutions. Our financial advisors are able to help you comparison shop to determine the right contract at the best available price, as well as provide planning and needs analysis to help determine the amount of protection appropriate for your situation.

8 Timeless Principles of Investing

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