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Money Market Accounts

An excellent first step in establishing your relationship with Dorsey & Company is to set up a Medallion Money Market Account, which includes:

  • Minimum initial investment of only $1,000 in cash and/or securities
  • No minimum balance after the account is opened
  • No annual account fee
  • Choice of three professionally managed money-market-fund portfolios: Money-Market, Government Securities1, and Tax-Exempt
  • Automatic reinvestment of interest, dividends, and other cash balances into the money-market portfolio you select
  • No-minimum checking
  • Convenient worldwide 24-hour ATM access
  • Overdraft protection and a Private Credit Line
  • Direct Deposit
  • Automatic Payment feature

Your Medallion Account makes it easy to manage all your assets more effectively through a single account.2

1 The Government guarantee of the securities owned by the Government Securities Portfolio does not guarantee the net asset value of the Portfolio’s shares, which the Portfolio seeks to maintain at $1.00 per share. Yields on all three portfolios will fluctuate. Future performance is not guaranteed.

2 The Medallion Account fact kit includes the money-market-fund prospectus, which contains complete information, including management fees and expenses. Read it carefully before you invest.

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